Check out Plaid Monkey make-overs & testimonials in our blog! “In-the-know stylistas head straight to Robanne to perfect their look.”

- Jezebel's 2011 Best of Atlanta:

Plaid Monkey is a premier personal shopping service that brings you sophistication, style and an insider's edge to fashion. We navigate the trends, styles and fashion forecasts so you don't have to. With contacts in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Dallas, LA and beyond, we've built inroads at some of the world's finest stores - including high end retailers like Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman and Neimans, as well as the best boutiques in the market. 

Read what clients have to say about Plaid Monkey:

“She’s a lot like the devil ... She brings temptation by...”
- B.A. Albert, as quoted in Wall Street Journal

"Robanne’s instincts on styling are excellent. In a dynamic and sometimes confusing fashion marketplace, she cuts through the clutter and delivers timeless style and personal service."
- K. L. – WNBA team owner and VP Financial Services Company

"I hired Robanne because I was looking to be better organized about clothing and style decisions, as opposed to buying on impulse. Robanne simplifies the decision making process. She listens and then adds her interpretation. She is talented, energetic, client-focused, making you feel comfortable with the entire process. Her honest, but respectful input results in giving you self-assurance in what you wear which can only enhance personal confidence."
- Stephen E.

Robanne's "classics with a twist" approach stands the test of time. Although she updates my wardrobe regularly, I still wear some pieces she bought me 10 years ago.
- Elizabeth B.-President and CEO, Advertising Agency